Participation Opportunities

MYX (Methodist Youth for Christ)

The young people's fellowship group of Edison Park UMC. They are actively participating and leading various roles in the worship service such as leading in praise and worship, singing in the choir, sharing children's sermon, serving as liturgists, acolytes and ushers. But their distinctive and unique talent is their juggling performances coupled with music and dance. Training classes are available for youth and young adults interested in learning to juggle.

Susannah Wesley Fellowship Circle

The women's group who meets regularly (once a month at most) just to have fellowship with one another over coffee, tea and deserts.

Video Learning Opportunity Group

Anyone can open their home for a small group meeting through a Video Learning, all you need is an internet Wifi access, a TV monitor and you are all set to begin a small group who wants to grow in faith and in relationship. 

It is more than just a church... It is a family

Praise Band & Choir

Our worship is blend of contemporary and traditional music and so we encourage anyone who has a talent or inclination to music, instruments, voice and even free verse to join the praise team and the choir. Practices are held after the potluck fellowship and on Thursdays before the Bible study. 

MKX (Methodist Kids for Christ)

The children's ministry of Edison Park UMC. They gather during worship service time for their Sunday School Class and like the MYX they also participate and make themselves involved in the worship through the children's sermon, monthly children's presentation and choir.